Your role

Aisha and Phillip both provide travel training as part of their work for different community transport providers. Aisha works for an organisation in western Sydney. She has learners from western Sydney and regional areas further west. Phillip works in Sydney city and surrounding suburbs.

In this module, you will see Aisha and Phillip provide training for a number of different learners with various types of training needs. Through this, you will learn about your role as a trainer in the travel training pathway.

Click on each of Aisha and Phillip to learn more about your roles and responsibilities as a travel trainer. Then click ‘Next' to continue.

Your role when providing training is to:

  • centre the training on your learner
  • assist your learner in achieving their transport objectives, wants and needs
  • address and remove the barriers your learner experiences to accessing public transport; and
  • promote independence in using public transport.
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Your responsibilities when providing training are to:

  • discover the needs of your learner, including their:
    • transport objectives, wants and needs
    • barriers to access
    • current abilities and capabilities
    • learning capabilities; and
    • local transport options.

Your responsibilities are then to:

  • plan and carry out information sessions with your learner
  • plan journeys to facilitate training sessions
  • provide your learner with access to tools, resources and information, to facilitate their own learning and journey planning
  • provide your learner with opportunities to practice using public transport; and
  • assist your learner to develop coping strategies in case of unexpected events.
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