Your learners

Travel training is learner-centred. That means the training pathway you follow will depend on your learner and their strengths and needs.

Different learners have different levels and types of need. The learner's level of need is one of the first things you should discover. In fact, you must assess their level of need to make sure that travel training is actually a suitable pathway for them.

Take a moment now to see some of the learners that will appear in this module.

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Ruth is an older woman who needs to catch public transport from her home near Lithgow to a specialist in Katoomba. Ruth's need arises from a change in her circumstances: her husband used to drive her everywhere, but sadly, he recently passed away.

Ruth is physically and cognitively able. However, she has little experience with public transport, and as a result is anxious and lacks confidence.

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Marco is on the autism spectrum. His parents would like him to learn to catch public transport to his new school. Marco has an intellectual disability, and limited independence. So Marco has a high level of need.

As you will see later in this module, the trainer Phillip will need to begin by assessing Marco's eligibility for training. Training is not always the most suitable option, since the goal of training is to promote independent use of public transport.

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John uses a wheelchair, and he usually relies on his family or community transport to get around. But he would now like to also catch public transport to go shopping.

John needs to learn about and practice using public transport that is wheelchair accessible.

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For some learners, the primary need is information. Later in this module you will see Phillip provide a group training session to a group of learners that are new to Australia. They want to learn about the local transport system, their transport options, and where to go for further information.

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