Preparing the trip

Aisha leaves her initial meeting with Ruth, well-informed about what Ruth would like to get out of the training.

Now it's time for Aisha to go back to her office to prepare the training. One of the first steps is to plan the trip that Ruth would like to make.

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Ruth would like to travel from her home in Sheedys Gully to a specialist in Katoomba. She would also like to go to Katoomba occasionally to see her friends on the weekend. Ruth is open to different modes of public transport.

After a little investigation, Aisha works out that a good option is for Ruth to catch a bus from her home to Lithgow train station, and then a train from Lithgow to Katoomba. The specialist is very close to Katoomba station, and Ruth should be able to walk this. And for her weekend visits, Ruth has told Aisha that a friend is able to pick her up from Katoomba train station or that she could catch a taxi.

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Aisha investigates the trip online.

She explores the trip on Google maps. Occasionally, Aisha will physically explore the trip as part of her preparation, but in this case, she decides it is not necessary.

However, whether investigating the trip physically or online, Aisha always takes a whole trip approach. While Ruth doesn't have major mobility impairment, she is an older person, so Aisha uses Google maps and First Stop Transport to look into the walk from Ruth's home to the bus stop, the road conditions, what Ruth needs to do when changing from the bus to the train at Lithgow, the accessibility of Lithgow and Katoomba stations, and the walk from Katoomba station to the specialist.

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Aisha remembers that Ruth will want to complete this trip on weekdays and weekends. The weekend timetable on the Blue Mountains line is similar, but slightly different, to the weekday timetable. Given the infrequent number of trains on the line, missing the train could be a problem for Ruth on the weekend. It is also likely that there will be fewer buses passing her home on weekends.

Aisha makes a note of this as something to cover in the training.

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