Preparing for Ruth’s session

Aisha continues preparing for Ruth’s first training session. Travel training is a learner-centred process – Ruth’s strengths and needs are at the heart of what Aisha prepares.

The training session will begin with an information session, and then Aisha will give Ruth practice using public transport by actually going on the trip.

Ruth’s main barriers to accessing public transport are a lack of experience and a lack of confidence. So Aisha prepares some confidence-building exercises, as she expects this will be a major part of the training session.

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Ruth isn’t experienced in using the local transport system, the different modes of transport, or new technology, such as the Opal card. So, while the trip and its different components might appear obvious to Aisha, they probably don’t to Ruth! The trip may feel like one big "black box" to Ruth.

One of the confidence-building exercises that Aisha will use is to help Ruth break the trip down into manageable parts. She will break the trip down into the different "legs". She can also go into detail on the different procedures on each leg, like crossing roads, buying tickets, and boarding and alighting buses and trains.

This should help Ruth see the trip as the sum of manageable parts, so she can feel more comfortable with those parts.

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Ruth needs to feel confident and comfortable with the different parts of the trip, like knowing what type of ticket to buy and where to buy them or using an Opal card.

So, when covering each part during the training session, Aisha plans to encourage Ruth to let her know of any areas where she does not feel safe or comfortable. Together, they will develop strategies for each area.

For example, if Ruth is concerned that she will miss the stop when she gets to Katoomba, she can get off at the following stop and talk to station staff.

When Ruth knows that she has these strategies to back her up, she should feel more confident on the trip.

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