Planning the trip

Phillip leaves his meeting with Marco's parents with enough information about Marco's needs.

Now it's time for Phillip to prepare for Marco's training. The first step is to plan the easiest trip from Marco's house to his school.

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Marco needs to travel from his home in Dulwich Hill to his high school in Glebe on weekday mornings.

Phillip sees that Marco's house is located near Dulwich Hill light rail stop and his school isn't far from the Glebe light rail stop, and Marco should be able to walk from here.

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Using Google Maps, Phillip discovers that to get to the light rail stop, Marco will need to cross a busy road. He might need to find a different route if he thinks Marco won't be able to safely get to the stop.

Phillip physically goes to the route on a weekday morning to investigate.

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Phillip knows that Marco only needs to complete the journey on weekday mornings, so he goes online to to research the light rail routes, their frequency and any changes to the timetable.

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