Taking Marco through the trip

Phillip starts Marco’s travel training with an information session.

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Marco has used public transport before, but this is a new route that he is unfamiliar with. He will need a lot of support to help him learn the routine.

Phillip takes Marco through the trip one step at a time. And when it comes time to complete the trip, he will show Marco landmarks close to each stop, that will help Marco identify where he is. He will spend time ensuring that Marco takes in the signs at the light rail stop. With enough practice, Marco will associate the correct visual cues with where he needs to go.

A graphical diagram depicting the trip. Walk to light rail station. Catch light rail from Dulwich Hill to Leichhardt North. Walk from Leichhardt North stop to school dialog end
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For Marco, one of the most important parts of the trip is the walk to and from the light rail platform. This is where Marco is at most risk.

Phillip explains some tips to Marco, and tells Marco’s parents about the road safety tips in First Stop Transport. But the important stage will be in the transport practice – that is where Phillip will help Marco practise road safety.

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Phillip explains to Marco how to use an Opal card.

He also gives Marco the information cards with the trip information and emergency contact details. Marco’s parents have also arranged to get a mobile phone for Marco with an app to track his movements.

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Phillip shows Marco how he can use the information cards to help explain to others where he needs to go and/or who to contact if things go wrong.

For example, if Marco misses his stop or the light rail doesn’t come, he can show the emergency contact details to a transport official who will be able to help.

Making these tools work for Marco is a big part of the training, in addition to transport practice. In line with Marco’s learning capabilities, Phillip will focus on getting these cards and phone into Marco’s routine. That way, if something goes wrong, Marco will be in the habit of using them to get the support he needs.

Phillip sits with Marco in Marco’s home
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