Barriers and strategies

As mentioned, John's travel training has already begun. Aisha met with John to discuss his needs, and learn more about his barriers to access. Aisha prepared strategies and learning opportunities to address these barriers.

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John uses a wheelchair. He has limited mobility, and this has limited his access to public transport in the past.

When Aisha prepared for their training session, she contacted the local bus operator, to investigate the wheelchair accessible buses and bus stops in the area. The operator proved handy – they also referred Aisha to some information about using bus ramps (as well as wheelchair accessibility on trains, ferries and light rail) online at

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John has very limited experience with catching public transport. He isn't familiar with the level of accessibility on buses.

As a result, he lacks confidence in being able to catch buses, and experiences anxiety around this. Not only because he has little experience, but also because he has misconceptions about the level of service that buses offer.

Aisha used the training session as an opportunity to let John know about wheelchair accessibility on certain buses and how to recognise whether an approaching bus is wheelchair accssible. Confidence-building exercises were also a focus of the training.

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