A community transport vehicle

Other transport options

Sometimes you will need to consider transport options other than public transport. There are other ways to make either all, or part, of your trip.

For example, you may decide to catch public transport to the shopping centre, and take a taxi back home with your grocery bags. Or if you’re travelling to a busy event, you may want to drive for part of the trip so you can park easily, and catch public transport from there.

Effective trip planning includes giving yourself as many transport options as possible.


Driving can be a good option when there are limited public transport options available, or if you need to travel to get to public transport.

The Roads and Maritime Services website has everything you need to know about using NSW roads, including trip planning information.

The Centre for Road Safety website has information and resources to help you arrive safely at your destination.

Taxis and hire cars

In NSW, you can either catch a taxi at designated taxi ranks (such as at shopping centres) or hail them in the street. A taxi is available if the sign on its roof has the light on.

There is a range of information about catching taxis in NSW on including:

The Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme offers reduced fares to residents of NSW who are unable to use public transport because of a severe and permanent disability.

Community transport

Community transport is a government-funded program available to people including:

  • Frail older people
  • People considered transport disadvantaged who do not have access to public transport services due to location, time of travel, personal circumstances or affordability

To find community transport services in your area, see community transport service operators.