Customer using red designated seat on bus


Catching public transport can be a safe, comfortable experience. Improving services and facilities means that travelling by public transport is getting safer all the time.


To catch the train safely:

  • Wait behind the yellow line on the platform, and don’t cross it until the train stops
  • Use the handrails on either side of the train doors to get on and off
  • Watch the gap between the platform and the train
  • Never try to board the train once the departure whistle has blown, when the ‘door closing’ alarm starts, or when you hear the ‘closing doors’ announcement
  • Hold on to something stable when moving through the train, or when travelling standing up.

Trains and train stations have security equipment and facilities to also keep you safe:

  • CCTV network
  • Emergency Help Points
  • Additional police officers on Friday and Saturday nights.

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To be safe when catching buses you should:

  • Stand back from the kerb when waiting for the bus
  • Stay clear of the doors when they are opening or closing
  • Watch your step when you get on and off
  • Keep hold of a handrail at all times
  • If you are concerned about your mobility, look out for the specifically designated seats (often marked with a sign or upholstered in red) at the front of the bus
  • Press the ‘Stop’ button well before your stop
  • Wait until the bus has completely stopped before getting up from your seat.

Let the driver know if you require help at any stage of your trip and they will do their best to assist you. Make sure you sit somewhere where you can see and hear the driver during your trip.

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To be safe when travelling by ferry it is important to:

  • Remain behind any yellow and black striped areas on the wharf
  • Hold onto the handrail and watch your footing as you walk over the gangway
  • Remain seated during your journey – the vessel can move and sway if water conditions change
  • Stay in well-lit areas in sight of incoming vessels if you are travelling at night.

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Light Rail

Use these tips to stay safe when you travel on light rail:

  • Obey all signs and signals
  • Stand behind the yellow caution strip while the light rail vehicle approaches
  • Wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop before climbing aboard
  • Use the handrails to steady yourself when the light rail vehicle is moving
  • Make sure you wait for the light rail vehicle to leave the stop before attempting to cross a level crossing
  • Treat overhead wires with extreme caution.

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