Group of travel trainers

Trainers’ roles and responsibilities

As a travel trainer, you may be providing training as a paid service, or you may just be doing it as a favour for someone you know.

Regardless of your reason for providing training, there are roles and responsibilities you need to be aware of so that learners get the most from the sessions.

You can explore travel training scenarios showcasing the roles and responsibilities of travel trainers in First Stop Transport eLearning.

Your role

Your role when providing travel training is to:

  • Centre the training on the learner
  • Assist the learner in achieving their transport objectives, wants and needs
  • Address and remove the barriers the learner experiences to accessing public transport
  • Promote independence in using public transport.

Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities when providing travel training are to:

Discover the needs of the learner, including their:

  • Transport objectives, wants and needs
  • Barriers to access
  • Current abilities and capabilities
  • Learning capabilities
  • Local transport options

Your responsibilities are then to:

  • Plan and carry out information sessions with the learner
  • Plan trips to facilitate transport training sessions
  • Provide the learner with access to tools, resources and information, to facilitate their own learning and trip planning
  • Provide the learner with opportunities to practise using public transport
  • Assist the learner to develop coping strategies in case of unexpected events.