A travel trainer on a bus with a learner

First Stop Transport - Travel Training

Public transport in NSW is easier to use than ever. However, there are still times when some people may need assistance to travel safely and independently.

First Stop Transport is a guide for anyone capable of using public transport. This section of the guide has information and resources to help you travel train others. It addresses many of the concerns people may feel about using public transport.

Travel training promotes the independent and safe use of public transport. Training can be provided to individuals or groups. It can involve anything from information sessions, to activities or simulations, to real practice using the NSW public transport network.

Who are these resources for?

You don’t have to be a professional to provide travel training. These resources can be used by anyone wanting to help other people (such as family members or friends) use public transport. Whether you’re an experienced trainer, or just starting out, there is something here for you.

An accreditation program is also available for people wishing to get a qualification.