A travel trainer with a learner in a wheelchair

What is travel training?

Travel training is an important service. It increases people’s transport options – giving them greater independence, and the opportunity to participate in the community.

Travel training is a learner-centred training process, with the goal of promoting independent and safe use of public transport. Training is flexible, but follows a pathway based on the learner’s objectives, wants and needs, and the barriers they experience to accessing public transport.

Travel training is not a transport assistance program, but rather a process to help learners gain the information, confidence and capability to make trips independently. Through this process, travel training recognises and reinforces the philosophy that activeness and independence are vital to an individual’s health and wellbeing. It also promotes independent and safe travel across the entire community.

  • Increases the independent and safe use of public transport
  • Promotes activeness and independence
  • Addresses the barriers to accessing public transport